The mission of the Kan Du Group is to promote the independence, community integration and employability of adults with developmental disabilities, while providing an atmosphere to learn, communicate and connect.

About Us

The Kan Du Group was formerly Blanchard Valley Industries. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit company serving the needs of adults with disabilities since 1969.  The Kan Du Group is certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and is accredited in Organizational Employment Services and Community Employment Services by CARF, the commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. We also carry ISO 9001:2015 registration. In addition to our accreditations, we are proud to have a multilingual staff.We have the ability to communicate in English, Afrikaans, and American Sign Language.

We focus on promoting choice, independence, community integration and employability. The opening of Kan Du Studio in 2007 led our way to accomplishing our focus and has led us in a positive direction beneficial to everyone we serve.  In 2017, it was proposed that we adapt Kan Du as our parent company name.  In 2018, the name was officially changed.

We have a variety of areas we serve including Promotions for community employment services, In Motion for day habilitation services, Production for light industrial work and job training, a seniors program, and our Studio for the creative souls.  We even have Vansporation to get you there!

As people with development disabilities gain knowledge and skills through their experiences, they gain control over their lives. And they begin to achieve their dreams.

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In Motion

Kan Du In Motion’s services are designed to help people be a part of their community and have access to and enjoy the opportunities around them. Our activities focus on social and lifestyle enrichment by engaging with peers and community members. We offer diverse experiences in the community, special events in-house for our community members to join us, as well as classes to learn and nurture skill growth.

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Is a retirement lifestyle more what you desire? Kan Du Group is here for you. We offer a diverse program of enriching activities to keep seniors active and engaged in their community while enjoying life’s simple pleasures.


At Kan Du Group, we are committed to helping adults with developmental disabilities gain the skills needed to live and work more independently according to personal desires and goals. Kan Du knows that employment builds confidence, self-reliance and dignity. Our Promotions services help adults with disabilities find competitive employment opportunities throughout our community.

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Partnering with Kan Du Production not only helps improve the efficiency of your business operations: it also helps people with developmental disabilities build their vocational skills. Trained staff work alongside individuals to help them utilize their abilities to accomplish their goals and your jobs. The partnerships created between area businesses and Kan Du are life changing, a win for everyone!

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Kan Du studio, is a place for adult artists with developmental disabilities to express themselves through the creation of art and fine crafts. The studio is where our company’s Can Do philosophy grew and became Kan Du. Everyone is encouraged to give creativity a try to see what they “Kan Du”. Many of our artists did not realize they had a passion for art until they were provided with the possibility of “Kan Du”.

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