Community Workforce Teams

If you have developed vocational skills but you are unsure about working in the community then joining a community workforce team called an Enclave be a more comfortable option in your journey to working in the community. Kan Du’s community workforce teams are called Enclaves. When you join an Enclave, you are joining a group of skilled coworkers and a Kan Du team member who will be there for any additional work assistance and training you may discover you need. Rest assured knowing that a Kan Du team member is working alongside you to help and support you as you continue to grow into the workforce.

Kan Du’s goal is for everyone to learn about working in the community and to have the opportunity to achieve their desired outcomes in the most integrated setting possible. Enclaves are a great step forward towards accomplishing that.

Kan Du has developed relationships with area businesses in our community. As a result, we provide valuable experiences through our Enclaves while helping the efficiency of our community’s business structure. Some of our partnerships include Kohl’s Distribution Center, Best Buy Distribution Center and Hearthside Food Solutions LLC.

For more information on our Enclaves or to discuss how an adult day program can benefit you, contact us at or call 419-42KANDU, that’s 419-425-2638 to see what we Kan Du for you!