Job Placement

You want and deserve the opportunity to live, learn and work in your community. Kan Du’s Workforce Development focuses on the work aspect of your desires. We help you find suitable jobs with employers throughout our community.

No two people are the same. So, Kan Du designs your job search around the unique qualities you have. We are here to help you become the qualified, work ready candidate employers desire.


Kan Du's job placement services called Workforce Development happen in two tiers.


The first tier includes resume building, opportunity search, application process assistance, interview prep, and application submission follow-up. The second tier includes group or one on one job skill development, on-site job coaching and employer follow-up.


For more information on Kan Du’s Workforce Development or to discuss how an adult day program can benefit you, contact us at or call 419-42KANDU, that’s 419-425-2638 to see what we Kan Du for you!