Job Placement

Working with a Kan Du job coach, you have the opportunity to choose your desired services. Then together we develop a plan for services based on your needs and desires. Job coaches assist individuals in utilizing their abilities, accomplishing goals and being a valuable member of the workforce. As a result, employers gain quality, dedicated employees who want to work. The partnerships created from employment with area businesses and Kan Du are life changing; a win for everyone!

Kan Du takes great pride in successfully preparing people with developmental disabilities for the workforce and more independent lives. Employment Currently Fulfilled by:

  • Ag Credit
  • Birchaven Retirement Community
  • Bellacino’s
  • BR Pallet
  • Car Wash USA Express
  • Cheddar’s
  • Cracker Barrel
  • Findlay Country Club
  • Jac & Do’s Pizza
  • Kroger
  • Lowe’s Distribution Center
  • McLane Distribution
  • PetSmart
  • Pilgrim Restaurant
  • Staples
  • Olive Garden
  • Pizza Hut
  • The Courier
  • Walmart
  • Wilson’s.

The employees perform work ranging from janitorial and packaging to maintenance and shipping. Some are employed part-time while others work full-time, earning up to $15.50 per hour plus benefits.

How It Works

Prospective employers and employees may contact Kan Du for employment services at or call 419-42KANDU, that’s 419-425-2638, ext. 3004. We can help create an employment plan for businesses of any size. Plus, we can assist with completing the forms needed to be considered for employment.


The Kan Du staff will work with you and your Service & Support Administrator (SSA) to develop a Person Centered Plan (PCP) designed to meet your needs and achieve your goals of a job in the community.

Assistance received from Kan Du is designed to place individuals in jobs of interest to them, and to provide the guidance needed to succeed. These services include:

  • Job-seeking skills training
  • Career exploration
  • Community based assessments
  • Job assessments
  • Work adjustment
  • Job coaching
  • Job development
  • On-the-job supports
  • Follow along
  • Specialized distribution center training and employment

For Employers

Kan Du  employment services will develop a strategic plan that implements its commitment to our partnership. Kan Du serves as the single point of contact to establish a consistent process for referral, training and employment. As the liaison, we connect with a variety of agencies serving individuals with disabilities to obtain referrals.

Kan Du provides initial training for the business partner staff, increasing awareness of the abilities of individuals with disabilities. We work with counselors, acquainting them with your organization through tours, individual planning meetings and follow-up communication.

For those who choose community employment, we offer exceptional customer service through our staff as well as job coaches on your site. The coaches provide training so the individual learns the job. They can also provide continual follow up for individuals and to address needs of the business partner.

Kan Du Promotions will:

  • Present qualified, work-ready candidates to the employer
  • Provide job coaches who understand and are fully trained on your performance standards
  • Provide job coaching, job support and temporary employment services to ensure individuals are meeting your employment standards
  • Provide a staff person to be the primary point of contact for all employment needs related to any candidate referred, including those referred from other agencies
  • Partner with other agencies to ensure opportunities are offered to a variety of individuals with disabilities
  • Ensure excellent service for all employers
  • Understand your employment needs
  • Understand your mission and goals and actively support them
  • Build trust with you and your team through consistent communication up and down the organizational chain.

For Employees

Our Kan Du is committed to the success of the individual.

We focus on such critical factors as résumé development, interviewing techniques, and job-search techniques.

No two people are the same, so each job search is crafted to the individual and the unique qualities he or she offers. The assistance doesn’t stop when an individual becomes employed. We provide on-the-job training, cross-training, advocacy, and support during employment.

Kan Du will:

  • Work to understand the needs of the individual and his/her family
  • Offer tours if available to the individual and his/her family to give individuals a clear understanding of the employment site and expectations
  • Schedule meetings with counselors, SSAs and individual/family to develop an individualized plan
    • Conduct pre-employment drug testing and background checks
    • Arrange and provide transportation for appropriate services
    • Offer Job Coaching via Coaches who know and understand the aspects of the job
    • Help individuals who have problems outside the work environment
    • Listen to individuals and address concerns that could affect their employment, e.g. fiscal, marital, housing, and other issues
    • Intervene before work situations arise which would prevent successful employment

Quite simply, our goal is your success.

The community employment program makes it easier for employers to find individuals with disabilities who match their needs. At the same time, those individuals find gainful employment and a place where they can succeed. Job coaches, trained in the employer’s performance standards, work with the individuals to help them learn job skills, safety and appropriate work behavior. Just as our name Kan Du says, we can do! Hire your next employee through Kan Du.

Interested in employment assistance from the Kan Du Promotions team? Contact us today at or call 419-42KANDU, that’s 419-425-2638 to see what we Kan Du for you!

Lisa Martinez, Manager

Shealene Sell, Coordinator