Drivers will have access to appropriate information about the passengers to the degree that such information might affect safe transportation and medical well-being.  This information must be available in the vehicle or readily available in the transportation office.  All such information is strictly confidential.

Riders should be ready ten (10) minutes before the scheduled pick up time. The driver will make appropriate contact and wait as needed to ensure the safety of the rider.

If a change of address, telephone number or emergency telephone number occurs, please contact transportation as soon as possible.

Drivers will ensure a responsible person is present at drop off or pick up to assist as needed in accordance with PCPs. This person should be at the drop off location ten (10) minutes prior to scheduled drop off time.

If a rider will be absent or is not going to ride, call transportation at 567-208-3323.

In the case of sickness or vacation which is anticipated to be longer than five (5) days, notify transportation at 567-208-3323. When the rider is ready to resume transportation services call transportation to reschedule ride.

All items sent with a passenger should be secured and plainly marked with rider’s name.

Wheelchairs must be in safe condition for transportation.

Your driver will treat you with respect so please do the same for your driver. For the sake of safety, follow all transportation rules.

Behavior at the pickup and drop off site must not threaten life, limb, or property of any individual.

Profane language may not be used.

There is to be no smoking, use of any tobacco products or vaping during transportation.

Passengers must not throw or pass objects during transportation.

All hands, arms, legs and other objects must remain inside the vehicle.

Always remain in your seat with your safety belt fastened. The driver will advise you when it is safe to exit.

A packed lunch may be carried on transportation. Foods must be in a secure lunch bag or box and drinks must be in a sturdy cup with a lid screwed on that will not spill if dropped.

Do not eat or drink while being transported.