Luke Montgomery

Timeout with Dustin Sullivan

Guest- Luke Montgomery

Podcast Release Date- September 1, 2022

Season 1, Episode 2


Announcer- Welcome to Timeout with Dustin Sullivan, a Kan Du Group production. Kan Du Group is a non-profit organization serving the needs of adults with developmental disabilities.  Today’s guest is Luke Montgomery, a senior at Findlay High School graduating in 2023. Luke is ranked the 49th best player in the nation and is a four-star offensive tackle. He has committed to The Ohio State University.  Take is away Dustin.

Dustin- So, what was your favorite subject in school?

Luke- OOOOF, Favorite subject? It’s gotta be biology man! I love the animals, always learning about that and plants.

Dustin- It’s pretty cool to dissect animals.

Luke- Yes, sir! Of course, I love it. I got to dissect a crawfish.

Dustin- I’ve never dissected things but that would be cool.

Luke- Yeah, it smelled pretty bad though. I’m not gonna lie.

Dustin- Do you have any hobbies that do not include sports?

Luke- Yeah, obviously I like to hang out with friends. I'm pretty social. But one thing, that people don't know about me is I love fishing, so I'm always out fishing.

Dustin- Fishing’s awesome. I love fishing

Luke- Yep.

Dustin- You can eat it.

Luke- Exactly! That's right.

Dustin- So if you had a favorite all time video game what would it be?

Luke- Great question. I want to say Call of Duty. I love that game. I honestly don't play at all. I actually gave my console away to somebody. It was my brother. Yeah, I mean, if I were to play a game, it has to be Call of Duty.

Dustin- I think I’d rather watch something on Netflix than play games.

Luke- Yep.

Dustin- It’s not my thing anymore.

Luke- Same with me man Netflix is lot better I feel like than playing console games.

Dustin- There’s a lot of stuff you can watch on there.

Luke- Exactly!

Dustin- What's your most memorable high school football game?

Luke- Yeah, our win over Dublin Coffman. This year was pretty surreal.  We went 9 and 3, it's been a long time since we’ve gone to the semi-finals and the regionals. Then we lost, I think the runner up on the state champs this year.

Dustin- That's pretty awesome.

Luke- Yeah.

Dustin- Don’t worry, I think you guys can get to the championship game this year.

Luke-I appreciate it. I hope so. But a lot of young kids gotta step up!

Dustin- It would be a be a great honor for the small town like Findlay, Ohio, to like, accomplish something like that. Great school too.  Do you have an all time favorite restaurant?

Luke- You know what? Not really. I'm a bottomless pit, as my parents call me. I’m always eating. It doesn’t matter where it is, I’m gonna eat it man!

Dustin- Same thing here, if it's good I’m eating it.

Luke- Exactly.

Dustin- That’s my favorite thing to do, eat food. So what’s your favorite genre of music?

Luke- You know, I'm one of the culture kids nowadays. I like the rap, I’m not gonna lie.

Dustin- Rap’s cool but it’s a little too fast for me. I can’t sing that fast.

Luke- (chuckles)

Dustin- It’s hard to understand what they are saying sometimes but I figure it out.

Luke- That’s true, very true.

Dustin- I like all the old stuff like rock and roll.

Luke- Yep.

Dustin- AC/DC, my favorite

Luke- Love it.

Dustin- Do you have any famous athletes you consider a role model?

Luke- Yeah, honestly, one that comes to mind is LeBron. I've been pretty close with the son the past couple of years. I played with his son for three or four years, middle school through ninth grade. I’ll see them in July, I haven’t seen them for a while. So, I’m super excited about that.

Dustin- Have you ever gotten an autograph from LeBron?  

Luke- You know what, I’ve not. A lot of people ask me why. I just feel that if I’m really close with his son, I don’t want to ask him for an autograph. I want to be able to give him his space and just be him around us.

Dustin- I would love to meet LeBron someday.

Luke- That would be awesome, yeah.

Dustin- Good basketball player.

Luke- Here’s my question for you, Michael Jordan or LeBron?

Dustin- I would say in Michael Jordan’s era, I like Michael Jordan better. But in this era, LeBron is probably better.

Luke- Fair answer.

Dustin- Although it’s pretty hard to say because Stephan Curry is a pretty darn good shooter too.

Luke- Very true, very true.

Dustin- LeBron knows how to win.

Luke- Yep.

Dustin- I know a lot of people don't like What’s your dream for after your done playing football?

Luke- That’s true.

Dustin- What's your dreams for after you're done playing football in college?

Luke- Wow, that’s a great question. I haven’t really thought about that. Honestly, just being happy. That’s the biggest thing in life, being happy and cherishing moments in life and stuff like that.

Dustin- Just work hard, do good at Ohio State and try to get in the pros. That would be an honor.

Luke- That’s a goal but you’ve always gotta have a plan B.

Dustin- ‘Cause there’s other stuff you can do too.

Luke- Yep.

Dustin- Like coaching. There’s other opportunities out there. It’s not always about playing sports.

Luke- Very true.

Dustin- So, what made you decide to commit to The Ohio State University?

Luke- Honestly, the culture there. Obviously Coach Day is awesome. And, It’s only an hour and a half away. I have three siblings younger than me. I always love to come watch them when I’m done. It’s an easy drive and obviously, it is Ohio State! One thing I thought about was where would I be happy. I found myself being really comfortable with Ohio State. I felt like that was home.

Dustin- Ryan Day is a great man. It’s going to be fun when you get to play with CJ Stroud. Hopefully he stays around.

Luke- He might be gone after this year. He’s really, really good.

Dustin- But at least we know there’s a couple good quarter backs behind him about ready to go.

Luke- Yep. Very true.

Dustin- When you play for Ohio State, I think you guys might win the championship.

Luke- That would be pretty cool.

Dustin- Go Buckeyes!

Luke- Go Bucks!

Dustin- Since our time is almost up, we need to finish with one last question. Do you consider a hotdog a sandwich?

Luke- PFFFF, Man! That’s a great question. I feel like I would say probably yes. What do you say Dustin?

Dustin- I would probably say yes because it’s on bread.

Luke- That's true. That's that's what I was gonna say.

Dustin- The only difference is hamburgers a round sandwich. A hot dog is a stick sandwich.

Luke- Right.

Dustin- Thank you for taking this time with 15 minutes with Dustin Sullivan. It was nice getting to know you. I hope everyone else enjoyed getting to know a little bit about you.

Luke- Thank you Dustin. It was nice to meet you too.

Dustin- Is it OK if we take a picture?

Luke- Yeah!

Announcer- Kan Du Group provides opportunities and experiences for adults with developmental disabilities.  This can only happen with the support of area businesses and community member like you. Thank you! For more information contact