Day Hab

Kan Du’s day hab services happen in a program called In Motion.  In Motion’s services are designed to help adults with developmental disabilities be a part of their community and have access to and enjoy the opportunities around them. Our activities focus on social and lifestyle enrichment by engaging with peers and community members.

Kan Du offers day habilitation services across multiple locations. In Motion of Hancock County resides adjacent to Dietsch's and across from Great Scot on West Main Cross Street in Findlay. Additionally, In Motion of Putnam County is situated on Main Street in Leipsic, while In Motion of Wood County operates in Bowling Green.

All locations offer a talented team of Community Support Professionals, to encourage, stimulate, and inspire each enrollee to increase their skills and gain greater independence in daily functioning. These interactions create satisfying and rewarding connections as Kan Du discoveries are made.

While our focus is increased community presence, the current times require us to rethink how we integrate into our community. Our talented team has risen to the occasion using their creativity to continue providing valuable experiences and ways to safely engage with the community.  Each day brings new choices, experiences and opportunities for growth, increased independence, and integration.

Check out our activity calendar for Hancock, Putnam and Wood County below.

Interested in adult day habilitation services from Kan Du In Motion? Contact us today at or call 419-42KANDU, that’s 419-425-2638 to see what we Kan Du for you!