Kan Du studio, is a place for adult artists with developmental disabilities to express themselves through the creation of art and fine crafts. The studio is where our company’s Can Do philosophy grew and became Kan Du. Everyone is encouraged to give creativity a try to see what they “Kan Du”. Many of our artists did not realize they had a passion for art until they were provided with the possibility of “Kan Du”.

The Studio opened in downtown Findlay with the vision of artists of all abilities coming together in a community art center. At our location in the old Rockin’ U building, the Kan Du artists work together while engaging with community members who visit, participate in making art and fine crafts, shop and purchase the Kan Du artists’ work. Artists create work in a variety of mediums including; graphic design, photography, painting, sculpture and more. Our work is frequently created from items that have been found or donated using the philosophy of upcycling. Upcycling has a positive impact on the environment. Items destined for the dump are rescued and remade into something useful or more beautiful. At Kan Du Studio, we look at ourselves, life, and the objects around us not just as what they are but what they can be. We use our can do attitudes to see what our minds can do to find a new life for everything and everyone.

Kan Du Studio supports our artists by providing opportunities for them. The studio participates in art shows throughout Ohio, promoting awareness of the capabilities of individuals with disabilities.

Through art, Kan Du Studio:

  • Increases communication skills for individuals through artistic impression
  • Provides individuals with the opportunity to generate income through their artistic abilities
  • Provides an environment that promotes the growth and development of social skills
  • A positive environmental impact is accomplished.


Phone- 419-42KANDU, that’s 419-425-2638

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