Do you ever have moments when the world is too much? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to de-stress, refocus and to re-energize your senses? Kan Du understands the importance of having sensory environments that offer a safe place to learn, enjoy, explore, and receive support. Whether for stimulation of the senses, learning and interaction, or complete relaxation, entering a space that is calming and peaceful allows one also to become calm and peaceful. Kan Du has dedicated a space for sensory experiences.


Trained staff guide program participants in the sensory room to find the optimum level of stimulation for energizing or relaxing the user. The effects will often carry over outside the space into other activities, reducing agitated behavior, stimulating speech, and improving co-ordination.


Kan Du’s sensory room is a programming enhancement for everyone involved in Day Habilitation programming. 


Interested in adult day habilitation services and the Kan Du Sensory experience? Contact us today at or call 419-42KANDU, that’s 419-425-2638 to see what we Kan Du for you!